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Reading for fun

I ran across a few discussions today, both in person and online, that made me realize how little personal reading I’ve been doing lately. I can almost completely lay the blame on the increased amount of writing I’ve done in the last six months. At dinner with a friend tonight, I mentioned how I would love to take a week’s vacation where I could do nothing but read. We both joked how neither of can figure out when we would go on vacation as we’re both also conference junkies.

I do love how much more writing I’m doing, and I’m enjoying the schedule I have when I’m writing the first drafts of my work. Basically, I get up (for me) stupidly early, shower and dress for the day, write for about an hour and a half, and then head into the day job. This means I have my evenings free to do whatever I want including read. I’m still trying to sort out an efficient schedule for editing mode. I’m awake just enough in the mornings to write, but not quite enough to do critical reading and editing. Since doing my writing-related work when I’m in edit mode first thing in the morning is not feasible at this point in time, I go into the day job earlier than I do when I’m writing with the expectation of editing in the evening. However, because I’m tired from the day job (especially when I work a longer day to build up my additional leave time bank), I spend more time on my planned editing activities than I’d like. This means less time reading for fun when I’m editing.

If nothing else, this is an education for me in prioritizing my time and adjusting my schedule as needed to achieve those priorities. If you had a week to do nothing but read, what would you read? I’d probably finally start Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series.

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