Kelly Maher

Holiday Prep

I’m definitely going to attempt to stick with my regular posting schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays, but as you can see from this week, that schedule may get set aside a little bit. This weekend I’m going to take things a bit easy. A number of authors I admire and consider to be friends are going to be signing tomorrow, so I’m traveling to visit them. However, I won’t be up at the crack of dawn as I usually am. I probably won’t linger long as I need to get back home to bake up some dessert bars for the Washington Romance Writers’ holiday party. I’m really hoping the bad weather we’re expecting on Sunday either doesn’t materialize, or comes in later than expected.

In other holiday prep, I need to start working on gift lists for my niece, nephews, and godson. Thankfully, they’re all on the young-ish side, and are relatively easy to buy for. I’m not one for doing my holiday shopping early, which means December’s an interesting time for me 🙂

Writing-wise, I’m doing a lot of prep for certain projects which I’ll be working on in January, as well as writing up stories to release as alter alter ego. It’s a busy month! How are you doing with the holiday prep?

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