Kelly Maher

Christmas shopping

Apparently, the time to go shopping for toys for the niece and nephews and godson is at nearly 9pm on a Sunday night. I managed to knock off all but my godson from my “to buy” list–and that was because his dad didn’t get back to me about his wishlist until this morning. I’m saving him until I fly home this weekend. This is how I like to shop for Christmas: in and out sortie. Frankly, the only reason I was in the store for longer than an hour was due to ending up on the phone with my mom for nearly half an hour. We’re that kind of family 🙂

With Christmas shopping completed for the time being, I’ve turned my attention to packing. At least with my clothes, all I have to do is empty my laundry basket into one of my suitcases. Yay for staying with the parents! I’m also sorting out my vacation reading. First up is the initial edit pass of Project Parietal. I’m also planning on catching up on a few series I’ve fallen behind on. Are you traveling for Christmas? What are you packing?

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