Kelly Maher

Conference season is heating up!

Today I ended up dealing with conference registrations both as me and as alter ego. As me, I registered for the WRW Retreat which will be held the first weekend in April. I’m really looking forward to it. As soon as I get my tax refund, I’ll be finalizing my registration and travel plans for the RWA National Conference in San Antonio in July.

As alter ego, I got to deal with various red tape procedures that come with work sending me to a conference. The process of dealing with said red tape makes planning a bit interesting, but I’ve learned to go with the flow the last few years. If things do fall into place, the next few months will be very busy ones for me. In March, I’ll have one work conference mid-month, will hopefully be moving into a new place the weekend after that, and family visiting the week after *that. In April, I’ve got the aforementioned WRW Retreat at the beginning of the month and a family wedding in Alabama at the end of the month. May is RT mid-month, and possibly a second work conference at the end of the month. June is clear at this point, but there’s the possibility of my college BFF coming to town for a visit one long weekend. July is my birthday, possibly some family visits, and RWA toward the end of the month. I’m looking forward to all of this activity, but I know I’m going to enjoy August when it rolls around if only for the opportunity to sit back and catch my breath 🙂 Do any of you have crazy conference seasons? How do you manage your schedule?

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