Kelly Maher

Release of Best Erotic Romance 2014!

Yay!! My latest story is now in the wild! In Best Erotic Romance 2014, you’ll find a foreword by Lauren Dane (SQUEEE!!!), stories by Nikki Magennis, Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse, Kristina Wright, and me among others!

My story, “Closing the Deal” features Julia and Paul, two coworkers who have an unresolved encounter to work out. And they get to do it in the tropical setting of St. Thomas 😀

Cover for Best Erotic Romance 2014. Features a man and woman embracing. The man only has on white underwear and the woman is wearing a sheer black bra and panties.

If you’re looking for some sexy reading for Valentine’s Day, you won’t do better than this anthology! You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARE, Kobo or your favorite independent bookstore!

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