Kelly Maher

Character research – living spaces

Something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately is how I’d furnish an empty apartment. I’m hopefully moving to a new place next month, and right now, the only furniture I have is my bed and a few bookshelves. I know, I know. What else do I need? And that’s the question. What is it that a person values? Especially when it comes to filling, or not, a limited living space. I love my bed, but I’ve found I need a better sitting/lounging space. Having dealt with a number of colds this season, one especially long-lasting, I really want to get a couch that has built-in recliners. I also value my work, so I need a good desk and work chair. A huge part of my life is being able to show the people in my life that I care for them with food. I’ve made do with my current set up, but having adequate prep space is a huge thing for me.

I’m also trying to limit the amount of clutter in my life, so I’m going to do my best to pare down the number of objects I own. Shockingly, this also includes books. I want to be able to house the books that I comprise my truly core collection. This means considerable culling of what I currently own. This won’t happen until next year as it’s all in storage and I need time to weed it. Moving into a place that I can create and have it reflect my personality fills me with anticipation and excitement. Even better, it’s a feeling that I can recreate with every story I write 🙂

So, if you’re writing, or even reading, how do the characters’ living spaces show what they value?

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