Kelly Maher

Vacation from the internet

This past weekend as I was feverishly working to clean my apartment so my landlord could begin showing it, I realized I was getting stressed out. The process of moving, while a very good thing as I’m heading to a bigger place, is by itself stressful. When compounded with the double-edged sword of a dayjob coworker retiring (Yay for coworker achieving goal! Eeps for realizing increased workload!) and attempting to finish the first draft of Project Femur and edits on Project Parietal, something has got to give. What is giving is regular posting. I will try to pop onto Twitter (@kmmaher) periodically if only to assure you I’m still alive, but my longer form posts here on the blog and on Facebook are going on hiatus until April. Rest assured that if any news does come down the pike, an exception will be made šŸ˜‰

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