Kelly Maher

Enlisted and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As part of the mental recovery from the move (and the loss of my broadcast network channels since I didn’t get cable and my antenna only picks up the CW), I bought a Roku streaming stick. I was playing around with it and discovered that I could get the FoxNow channel which let me access almost the entire season of some of their shows. First (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), thank you to Fox for making that freely available! I decided to focus on Enlisted and Brooklyn Nine-Nine since I had seen and episode or two of each and had meant to go back and watch more. Both had actors I was predisposed to like (Keith David/Parker Young & Terry Crews), and Enlisted had the added benefit of major eye candy. What I hadn’t expected was how deep both of these shows were attempting. Even more so with Enlisted as it has all the hallmarks of Fox slating it for cancellation even before it aired (Friday night slot, mid-season replacement, airing shows out of order). To get the full benefit of how each shows’ writers have developed their characters in a nuanced manner, you need to watch the shows in order. And it is worth it. Worth. It. Think of this as my plea for everyone to watch both of these shows, but especially Enlisted. It deserves more of a chance than Fox is currently giving it. Especially considering that it deals with the topic of a soldier returning home and not quite sure how he fits in with his family and wider society. The humorous angle of the show gives its dramatic moments all the more stirring poignancy. Go. Watch. Now.

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