Kelly Maher

Sucked into Scooby

I’m a total Scooby-phile. Yes, I’ve seen both live action movie versions. Scrappy can be consigned to cartoon purgatory. Due to my cable-less state for years now, I missed the original airing of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Missed, no more. I discovered it on Netflix last week, and have been gorging myself on it ever since. I probably would have finished it on Saturday, except for a party I spent most of the day at. My verdict? I wish there were more seasons because the writers arced out the overarching story so well. Truly, it’s a great example of episodic storytelling within a broader structure. I may need to watch it all over again with my notebook and pen in hand to take notes. Or Scooby snacks. As you do.

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