Kelly Maher

The highs and lows of the DMV

If nothing else, the last twenty-four hours has given me fodder for any contemporaries I write. Last night, I received notice that a ticket I had contested had been adjudicated in my favor. Yay not having to pay $100 ticket and therefore having drinking money for RT! Then, this morning, I went to the DMV to do a change of address. Now, I had done this online in the past, but due to implementation of new driver’s license requirements, all changes to IDs had to be made in person if you didn’t already have the new ID format, *AND* you had to bring even more information to prove you are who you say you are. Thankfully, I had all of the identity supporting paperwork easily at hand, but while I thought I had the address support, the DMV decreed that a notice from the USPS acknowledging my change of address was not sufficient in addition to my lease, so did I have any paper bills? :headdesk: I ended up running downtown to the closest office for my internet provider to get a copy of my bill as my cell phone provider has my work address as my billing address (which I found out after the very nice gentleman at the Sprint store across from the DMV office printed out my last bill). Again, :headdesk:. And then, when I got back to the DMV, the line to just get a ticket number was out the door. Thankfully because I had my previous ticket number still in hand, they let me bop to the front of the line and get a new ticket number. I should be getting my new driver’s license in the mail in a couple of weeks. And I was probably the best prepared person there, as today was the first day of implementing these new requirements.

But, hey! I’ve got RT drinking money now!

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