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RT 2014 recap!

My oh-so-belated recap is finally here! I squarely place the blame on alter ego as she had day job stuff she had to deal with right after coming back and then was off to Book Expo America last week.

RT 2014 was so much fun! A lot of it was because it was in New Orleans, and there is certainly something to be said about the atmosphere. Also, the food. I had to try the beignets at Cafe du Monde at least once:

Beignets and orange juice from Cafe du Monde

The other part of the vibe was being there as Kelly for the first time. Alter ego had her chance to go the last three years, so letting this ego fly free was an interesting experience. The viewpoint of the author is very different from that of librarian, and it was sometimes hard to remember which hat to wear. While out exploring New Orleans with friends, I did pick up a hat to help remind me:

Kelly is modeling her green straw hat in a cloche style with brown ribbon piping around the brim and a taupe ribbon around the crown.

I spent a lot of time running into Jennifer Lohmann, which was good as we’re presenting a panel at RWA in San Antonio later this summer. One of the killer things for me was the day where we were wearing almost the exact same style of shoe:

Picture of shoes that Jennifer Lohmann and Kelly Maher were wearing at RT 2014. Both are Mary Jane style heels where Kelly's are wine patent leather with a thin leather cord tying off the arch strap, and Jennifer's are multi-colored spectators of taupe, yellow, and green with a taupe ribbon tying off the arch strap.

At the signing, we were almost back-to-back, too! (Ignore my hat hair!)

Jennifer Lohmann and Kelly Maher at the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention book signing. Jennifer is wearing a purple short-sleeved top with a blue skirt with a white floral print, and Kelly is wearing a pink wrap shirt with capri jeans.

The fabulous Ann Lorz, who has known me since before I was Kelly, was the first person to buy a book of mine at the signing on Saturday:

Ann Lorz buying a copy of Duty and Desire from Kelly at the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention.

On Sunday, I took a day of rest and rode on a New Orleans streetcar with my roommate. They were so much fun!

Interior view of a New Orleans street car featuring a concave white aluminum ceiling and wooden seats for passengers.

Roomie left *very* early Monday morning, and my flight wasn’t until the early evening, so I spent the morning doing even more touristy things.

Marie Laveau's tomb in St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 in New Orleans. It is whitewashed and covered in graffiti, mainly groups of three x's, to invoke her assistance.

Marie Laveau’s tomb

Buildings in the French Quarter of New Orleans, featuring the typical style of four stories with wrought iron balconies on the streetside facade.

A street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Exterior shot of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. It is white with three spires, the tallest one in the center, with the other two symmetrically flanking it.

St. Louis Cathedral

I had such a fabulous time meeting fellow romance readers, and having the opportunity to speak with you about my work. I hope everyone who attended had a wonderful time!

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