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RWA Recap

Since the year I graduated from college, I’ve enjoyed going to RWA conferences. I haven’t gone every year since then, but they are always worth it. This year was definitely the best to date. Much of that had to do with the people I connected with there. There were a number of people who I’ve known for dogs’ years (and we all look as fabulous as we did when we first met), others who I’ve gotten to know from attending RT and other industry conferences the last few years, people who I’ve known online but not met in person yet, and others who I’d never met prior to the conference. I go to RWA to learn more about the craft and business of writing, but that would be nothing without the fabulous attendees, volunteers, and staff who make it such a great conference.

My roommate this year was a friend from the library world who got into romance writing only relatively recently. This was her first RWA conference, and I really enjoyed being able to answer questions she had and give her advice so she could decide on her approach to it. I know there are photos of us floating around, but I somehow missed taking one!

Other highlights for me included presenting my first workshop at RWA with the fabulous Jennifer Lohmann (I think we rocked), going to my first publisher parties (thanks to being a librarian and a member of WRW), signing books at the Wednesday night literacy signing, and hearing so many great speakers! One of the best perks of the RWA conference is that they record many of the sessions and make them available for purchase. I’ve burned through *a ton* of recordings since I got home.

Picture time!

My signing table at the RWA Literacy Signing:
My signing table at RWA 2014 showing an empty chair, and a table covered in a red tablecloth with a placard with my name on it and a display of copies of Best Erotic Romance 2014.

How can you go to San Antonio and not go see the Alamo? Especially when it’s right around the corner from the conference hotel?
The Alamo mission church in San Antonio, TX

The Passionate Ink party! Salsa instruction and shirtless cowboys!
Attendees of the Passionate Ink party at RWA on the dance floor learning how to salsa. There are shirtless cowboys in the back row wearing jeans, boots and cream cowboy hats.

The wonderful Christine d’Abo signing at the Grand Central Forever signing:
Author Christine d'Abo signing postcards for her book Quicksilver Soul.

Me and SuperWendy:
Selfie of Kelly Maher standing on the left wearing purple-rimmed glasses in a blue-green paisley-print halter style maxi dress, and Wendy Crutcher on right in half-rim glasses wearing a sleeveless blue dress.

Me and HelenKayDimon:
Selfie of Kelly Maher on the left and HelenKay Dimon on the right.

I think this is my favorite picture of the whole conference for the sheer fabulousness on display 😉 Shelley Ann Clark and me:
Shelley Ann Clark standing barefoot on the left wearing a sleeveless red dress and Kelly Maher standing on the right in a royal blue dress and wearing 4-inch black leather shoes. Shelley's head is at the level of Kelly's shoulder.

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