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WRW Blogger & Reader Luncheon and newsletter updates!

The full list of featured authors for the WRW Blogger & Reader Luncheon on October 11, 2014 has been posted! Come join me and all of these fabulous authors for an afternoon of food, fun, and romance!

Alexa Egan
Anne Barton
Avery Flynn
Caryn Moya Block
Christi Barth
Cristin Harber
Debra Dunbar
Delancey Stewart
Elizabeth Staab
Geri Krotow
Hope Ramsay
Jamie Farrell
Karna Small-Bodman
Kieran Kramer
Kim Headlee
Kimberly Kincaid
Krista Hall
Lavinia Kent
Liz Everly
Lynne Silver
Mackenzie Lucas
Madeline Iva
Mary Behre
Meredith Bond
Mia Kerick
Miguelina Perez
Nicole Pouchet
PA DePaul
Rachel Rawling
Robin Covington
Sally MacKenzie
Shari Slade
Solara Gordon
Sonali Dev
Tamra Lassiter
Terri Brisbin
Tracey Livesay
Tracy Brogan

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The “news” about the newsletter is that I’m updating the name from the Newsletter of Irregularity to the Newsletter of Releases and Events. Which basically means that it will still be a bit irregular, but I’ll send it out about a week or so before every new release and event. If there are a slew of releases and events around the same time, I’ll group them together into one newsletter so as not to bombard you 🙂 Sign up for it today!

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