Kelly Maher

Baltimore Book Fest!!

I hope that if you’re in the DC/Baltimore area this weekend, you’ll come visit the Baltimore Book Fest. There are *tons* of authors of all genres and celebrity, and it’s all happening around the Inner Harbor. In fact, my family is totally getting a kick out of the fact that at certain times (depending on how many authors are listed before me), my picture has been sitting smack next to the honorable Senator from Arizona, Mr. McCain (he’s currently one row below me…add one more author before me, BBF!!!). It’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to politics (other than STRONGLY urging you to exercise your right to vote). Frankly, other than participating on the two panels I’m on at the Maryland Romance Writers tent (YAY!!!!!), I’m really looking forward to the fair food 😀 Mmmmmmm…funnel cake!

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