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Special Guest: Lynne Silver

I’d like to welcome special guest, Lynne Silver! Lynne is a friend of mine from the Washington Romance Writers, and was one of the featured authors at the WRW Readers and Bloggers Luncheon back in October. She’s appearing here as part of the Lady Smut blog tour. Lynne’s latest series feature a group of heroes in the DC area and the third book, IN DEEP WITH THE FBI AGENT, releases January 12th. You can find Lynne at her website, on Facebook, or join her newsletter. I asked Lynne some questions, and an excerpt follows!

Headshot of Lynne Silver Interview:

A. What was your favorite aspect of research, or interesting tidbit you came across, for your Alpha Heroes series?
Nothing stands out as an interesting bit of knowledge, but I will say that every time time your email inbox pops up with a message from the FBI, you do shiver a bit. And then you say, oh yeah, I WANTED that email.

B. You have a fireman, a Secret Service agent-turned-bodyguard, and an FBI agent starring in this series. Did you have a favorite? If so, who and why?
Don’t tell my firefighter or secret service agent this, but I have a total crush on Sam Cooper, the FBI agent from In Deep with the FBI Agent. Mostly he’s a computer geek who works on the Cyber Action Team. So he’s a hacker working for the good guys. I go for brains over brawn every time.

C. Washington, DC features prominently in the series. Do you have any insider tips for visitors to the US capital?
Oh, no, don’t get me started on my city. We’ll be here all day. Insider tips are to explore lots of the neighborhoods of DC, not just the Mall. If on the mall, eat at any of the food courts in the museums EXCEPT for the Air & Space museum. That’s just the worst. Nightime is the best time to view the monuments. Don’t miss the Korean war memorial. Do go see the National Building Museum- best gift shop in DC. And remember to walk left, stand right on any metro escalator or risk being tackled. And most, most important…PAY ATTENTION to the roads signs. Many roads (Rock Creek, Connecticut Ave) switch directions during rush hour. I don’t want to hear you were in a head-on collision.

D. What do you love best about writing romance?
I love the romance writing community. It’s super supportive and filled with amazing strong women. (and some awesome men)

E. What are your top three recent reads and why?
Bourbon Kings by JR Ward, Cure for the Common Break-up by Beth Kendrick, and Walk through Fire by Kristen Ashley.

F. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
My mom’s stuffing…mmmm…

Cover for Lynne SIlver's IN DEEP WITH THE FBI AGENT. Features a blond white man, wearing aviator sunglasses and a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, and unbuttoned down to his waist, showing off a very ripped chest, and a untied red tie. The background is of what appears to be a sunset with purple on the top third, grading down through red and yellow to orange, and a skyline in the background. EXCERPT:

She stood on one foot at a time to pull off her heels then balanced as she slid on the white ankle socks. “There’s a look for you,” she said with a grin, knowing a short, tight black skirt was not that cute with socks, but her competitive nature demanded it. She wasn’t going down without a fight, and a girl needed proper footwear.

“It’s a good look,” Sam said, with a husky bent to his tone. Casey caught the direction of his glance and noticed he was staring at her legs intently.

“Yo, eyes up here,” she called and purposely leaned forward on the high-top, knowing her cleavage would be in direct line of sight. Sam followed orders, moving his gaze from her feet toward where he meant to stop on her face, but he got distracted by the boobies.

Excellent. This game was in the bag. As long as his brain was halfway on her tatas, he’d be useless.
Only Sam wasn’t like normal men, damn him. He caught on to her game almost immediately and his eyes narrowed. He stepped closer and held out his hand.

“Help me?” he said. “Roll up the cuff once.”

She swallowed and eyed his tan, muscular forearm. It was as if he’d read her internal checklist of turn-ons, and strong forearms with a sprinkling of hair was at the top of her list. Challenge accepted. It was on. She stood and reached for his shirt cuff, making sure to brush every inch of bare skin visible along his wrist as she folded the cotton over. She maintained eye contact with him, not looking to inspect her handiwork, but watching his Adam’s apple bob.

“Next arm,” she murmured and let her fingertips run across his palm, down to his wrist to roll up the next sleeve.

“Thank you,” Sam said and turned to get his ball for his turn.

“My pleasure,” she said, emphasizing the word pleasure.

He tossed the ball with graceful form, too graceful for someone who claimed never to have played the game before. She was going to have to up her moves. After Sam stepped out of the way, it was her turn to get her red ball to toss. She made the most of retrieving the ball by waiting until Sam was a few feet behind her, and then she bent at the waist, making sure to aim her ass in his direction. From her position, she called, “Oh, my bad. I picked up the wrong color.” She stood, swiveled, got the correct ball and then bent again, smiling into her chest at his barely disguised groan.

Before she tossed her ball, she gave him a sly look. “I forgot I have the red balls, while yours are blue.” She released the ball with precision owing more to her cockiness than her athletic prowess and then sauntered back to where Sam was awaiting his turn. “Your move.”

Love it? You can pre-order it from:

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Lynne’s Bio:

Romance author, Lynne Silver, writes the popular Coded for Love series and other hot contemporary romance novels, such as Love, Technically. Before writing romance, she wrote fiction of a different sort, drafting press releases for technology corporations. Washington DC is her home (non) state, where she resides with her husband and two sons. She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC.

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