Kelly Maher

#ReadWritePlan August 2016

I’m going to be participating in the #ReadWritePlan “blog hop” during August. It’s been planned by Alexandra Haughton and Lindsay Emory. I’ll probably be participating mainly on Instagram, but with the possibility of a few posts here as well. Everyone’s welcome to participate and the schedule is below!

Schedule for #ReadWritePlan blog hop for August 2016

1. Calendar
2. Desk space
3. Stickers
4. Washi
5. Pens
6. Planner
7. #BeforeThePen
8. Planner/Org bag
9. Organization hack
10. Best app
11. Stationery
12. Fave kid book
13. Fave adult book
14. To-do list
15. Study/Writing beverage
16. Long-term planning
17. Current notebook
18. I’m inspired by…
19. Today’s workspace
20. Music to work to
21. Dream retreat location
22. If $ were no object…
23. Favorite mug
24. Daily spread
25. Doodles
26. Can’t live without…
27. Out in the wild
28. #BeforeThePen
29. Study/Writing snack
30. What’s in your bag?
31. Vision/bulletin board

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