Kelly Maher

February 2017 update!

Things have been quite busy for me since I posted here last. First things first, I will be self-publishing a trilogy of novels set in the CAPITAL KISSES world. The first story will belong to Radhika, the older sister of Rory from BLIZZARD BLISS. You’ll find out what Radhika was doing during the blizzard and how it impacts her a year and a half later. I swear, this is not a secret baby story! There may be some issues with a new, and very hot, coworker, however. :whistles innocently: The other two stories will be about two of her three best friends, Stacey and Jorie, and you’ll get to see how they support the final member of their quartet, Hilda, as she prepares to get married. Radhika’s story has been fully drafted and gone through one round of revisions thanks to my alpha readers. I’m currently waiting on my beta readers for their input and will revise again before sending it out to a contracted developmental editor. After that, I plan on sending it out for copy edits and at least one proofread. Fingers crossed, Radhika’s story should be out in July as I want the release to be a birthday present to myself!

I’ve also started the cover design process for all three books and will be announcing the titles first in my newsletter when I have Radhika’s cover available. This month I’m drafting Stacey’s story, and I’m having a lot of fun with her! I am so thankful for all of you who have joined me on this ride through the years and I’m looking forward to this next stage of my career!

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