Kelly Maher

March 2017 update

The books in the inaugural trilogy for the CAPITAL KISSES world have titles!

1. THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE – Heroine: Radhika, Hero: Colm
2. THE BRIDESMAID AND THE SPY – Heroine: Stacey, Hero: Jay
3. THE BRIDESMAID AND THE GOALIE – Heroine: Jorie, Hero: Sean

THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE is currently with the developmental editor, and I should be getting it back in the next week or so. Once I get a look at how much work is needed to whip it into shape, I’ll make a final decision on a release date. While reserving the right to change it in case of catastrophe 🙂 Stacey and Jay are getting squirrely with me on their story. Every time I think I have them pinned down, they go laughing into the shadows. Probably appropriate as Jay’s job is in the shadows. I’m in the middle of conversations with friends, both writers and non-writers who may have happened to have worked for the same government agency that Jay works for, to help me pin down the issues I’m having with these two so I can get back to drafting their story and the production process rolling along. At this point, I’m hoping to have their story ready to release some time this fall and Jorie and Sean’s story ready in early 2018.

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