Kelly Maher

April 2017 Update

Busy, busy, busy! Not only am I busy working on THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE, but I’m also very busy with an office move at work. Because of the latter, I’d hoped to be done with developmental edits of TBatH this past weekend, but due to tweaking the subplot, I need to rewrite the last 10,000 words of the novel. FUN TIMES! I will be done with those this weekend and will be sending it off to my copy editor early next week. As soon as I do that, I’ll make a final decision on the release date. My cover designer is hard at work coming up with lovely covers and I’m looking forward to showing you this first one when it’s ready. As a reminder, my newsletter subscribers get first dibs on news, so sign up today! I’ve got a lot of backend things brewing as I prepare for the release of TBatH, so keep watch as I update the site and send out news!

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