Kelly Maher

December 2017 update

Well, the last 48 hours has been interesting. I sent out a newsletter on Monday announcing the release date (January 30th!) for my next title, A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA. After work on Monday night, I was relaxing after checking something on the website on my phone so I could respond to something on Twitter. After writing the response, I went back to the page with the site up and noticed something *VERY* funky with it. I could still see the site, but the font was acid green when it’s normally black, and there was a bunch of weird stuff in the margins. I went to my desktop and discovered that the website had gotten hacked. I eventually hit up a friend who is a WordPress expert and had helped me with easy stuff in the past. She did great work Monday night and during the day on Tuesday, and we got it as far as we could. Unfortunately, my backups from before refused to restore, and the site remained hacked. The husband of one of my coworkers is also a tech expert and maintains my coworker’s WordPress-based site. I sent her all of the information I had from my friend as well as all of my site login and passwords. I was fully expecting to have him tell me that I would have to scrap the site and build a new one. As it’s the holidays, and I’ve been hemorrhaging money this fall like crazy for various reasons, I was remarkably at peace with this prospect. However, thanks to his sheer enjoyment of digging around, determined to find out what went wrong, he uncovered the problem and recovered my website! Both of my saviors have been rewarded and A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA is going to be dedicated to them!

So that’s where I’m at in December: a new book and a no-longer-hacked website. I’ll put the book up for pre-order as soon as I get the final copy back from my proofreader because I’m paranoid like that, but until then, you can sign up for the newsletter, alerts from Amazon, or alerts from BookBub if you want to get notified of when it will be for sale.

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