Kelly Maher

January 2018 Update

In the mess of the website hack, going home for the holidays, coming back to work after two weeks off, and working on the launch of A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA, I put off acknowledging something: the website didn’t get fully fixed. While it’s thankfully no longer hacked, it’s missing some pieces. Like book info. This is not good when I have a new release coming out! I’ve requested help to get this back in order, but I will also be working on an alternate location for book information (UPDATE: new site). I apologize for this. I and alter ego firmly believe that an author’s website is *the* place readers should depend on for book information. When I have the alternate location up and running, I’ll add it to this post. I’m hoping that this site will be fixed before that can happen, though 🙂

In funner news, because funner is *totally* a word!, A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA will be releasing on all digital platforms on Tuesday, January 30th. I got the proofs back from my proofreader today and have been working on building the final book files. I also got the cover! I’m looking to do an exclusive cover reveal with a large website, so once I hear yes or no on that, I’ll let all of you know! ASIS will be up for preorder hopefully early next week. The final book files are waiting on some sales link updates due to the closure of Pronoun and the relisting of ROGUE AFFAIR and THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE to vendors. I’m really looking forward to sharing ASIS with the world, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter for some exclusive content on its release!!

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