Kelly Maher

Blizzard Bliss

Book cover for Blizzard Bliss. Upper panel is an image of Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC looking southeast at the U.S. Capitol. The trees lining the streets are snow covered. Below that image is a blue banner with the book title in a white font. The bottom image is of a couple, the woman with long dark hair and a grey knit cardigan on the left facing a dark-haired, bearded man wearing a bright blue henley shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows on the right. HIs arms around the woman and they are smiling at each other.
Capital Kisses  —  Prequel
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January 24, 2016


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The night a historic snowstorm hits Washington, DC, Cecilia finds herself without a way to get home to safety. Coworker Rory, her secret crush, offers her warmth and comfort in the apartment he shares with his sister–who is conveniently out on assignment and not home. A night of fun and frolic opens Cecilia’s eyes to other sides of Rory, and a sledding run down Capitol Hill might change her life forever.

Background: I live in DC and was affected by the #Blizzard2016/Snowzilla storm. I decided to do something fun on Friday when my day job released us for the afternoon, and brainstormed this story. I spent Saturday, the *big* day of the storm (it literally snowed every single hour of the day), writing, revising, and editing thanks to commentary from friends who happen to be writers/editors, and consulting with my designer on the cover. I hope you have as much fun reading about Cecilia’s and Rory’s blizzard adventures as I did writing it!

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ISBN-13: 978-0996847735


A glance at the wall clock told Cecilia she had ten minutes left of her shift. A glance out the front window of the store told her she should have called in sick. Snow swirled in the light from the street lamps and appeared to be getting heavier. She sent up a quick prayer of thanks that she was taking the train home rather than the bus.

“Cecilia, can you grab the last of the silk scarves from the storeroom?”

She waved an acknowledgement to her co-worker Rory and headed back. Better than tripping over her tongue. She’d been working here for a couple of months, but she’d yet to get used to how handsome he was.

In the backroom, she pulled the last of the scarves from the shelf and began unpacking them. The rich flow of color had her fingering the slick fabric. In a few years, she might be able to afford one of them.

Once she was back on the sales floor, she folded and arranged the scarves on the display. Not that they were expecting much foot traffic, especially after the hockey team finally got a clue and postponed their game. The only people likely to be out in downtown DC in the start of a blizzard were the ones who lived in the area, and the people, like her, whose places of employment hadn’t closed yet.

She looked up at the clock. Two minutes. Their manager Denise came out and looked around. “Go ahead and close up, Rory.”

He flashed a grin. “Finally.”

She gave him the stinkeye. “I told you I wasn’t the one making the final call.”

He jingled the keys and the cheerful sound made Cecilia wish that this had been happening a few weeks earlier. Snowstorms were better at Christmas, if more inconvenient with everyone out and about doing last-minute shopping.

The deep click of the locks being thrown had her sighing. Denise began closing out the registers, and she and Rory worked on what little cleaning was left to do. Thankfully, the light foot traffic meant that they had everything wrapped up in under fifteen minutes. After signing out, she went into the backroom and pulled her purse out of the cubby. She flicked on her phone and saw she’d missed a call and voicemail from her mom. Frowning, she keyed in her code and pulled up the voicemail.

Cici, everything’s okay, but your papa is in the hospital. We’re going to be here for the storm and can’t pick you up. Call me when you’ve figured out where you’re staying.

“What?” Heart racing, she hit call back and listened as the connection was made.

Rory paused in the middle of pulling on his coat. “What what?”

She held up her finger as her mom picked up.