Kelly Maher

Dissent and Desire

Cover of Rogue Affair anthology featuring two men, one in a gray t-shirt and one in a white t-shirt, about to embrace. The man in the white t-shirt is gripping the front of the other man's t-shirt at the neckline. Across their chests reads Rogue AFFAIR with Rogue in a red serif script and AFFAIR in a bluish white sans-serif font. The authors are listed in two columns with "USA Today bestselling authors" centered over the top two names which are in a slightly larger font than the rest. The order of authors reading left-right, left-right, etc. on down is: Tamsen Parker, Ainsley Booth, with Olivia Dade, Kris Ripper, Amy Jo Cousins, Emma Barry, Adriana Anders, Kelly Maher, Stacey Agdern, Jane Lee Blair.