Kelly Maher

Cimmerean League: Revelations

Book cover for Sweet Heat: Collected Stories, Volume 3. On the upper half of the cover is the lower-half of the face of a woman with long, blonde hair. She is looking off to the right of the cover. In the middle is the title strip. On the bottom portion is the lower-half of the face of man with dark five o'clock-shadow. He is wearing a suit and facing forward.
Amber Quill
December 8, 2015


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Originally published by Amber Quill Press, August 20, 2008. Re-released as part of Sweet Heat: Collected Stories, Volume 3, December 2015.

As a member of the personal security force of the leader of the Cimmerean League, Bolt is known for his super strength. When the life of Vie—the woman he has lusted after—is endangered, he must reveal to her his secret ability, the ability to connect with her psychically.

As the only known empath employed by the Cimmerean League, Vie can amplify and enhance any of the other member’s abilities. Due to her powers, she has never been able to let go and just enjoy being with a person, until Bolt forces his way into her life and heart.

When an enemy from the past rises like the fabled Phoenix, it is only by working together that Vie and Bolt, and the League, can survive.

About the Book

When the call went out to Amber Heat authors asking for stories for an upcoming Amber Pax titled The Lusty League, I *had* to join in on the fun. Two of my favorite authors are also involved in the project. Megan Hart named it many moons ago and Sherrill Quinn is contributing a story. My inspiration for the story was Batman. It ended up more like X-Men, but I love the darkness that pervades the Batman world.

When I was trying to come up with a title for my league, I kept drawing a blank. Finally, I pulled one of my tricks for when I need a word, but can’t think of it. I went to my big, fat and *heavy* illustrated encyclopedic dictionary, closed my eyes, let the pages fall open and then placed my finger down when I felt like it. It actually landed on cimex (bedbugs), but right below that was Cimmerian – very dark or gloomy. How freaking appropriate is that? Enjoy!

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Bolt caught her before she slipped unconscious to the ground. Damn stupid woman. Night had relayed her coordinates to him, and she was fucking lucky he got here when he did.

He’d known she was in that area only she could go when she didn’t flick an eyelash when he stopped his bike millimeters from where she stood, dagger drawn. Night had relayed that it had been over five minutes since her last contact.

Not even in the lab had she been in a state of stasis for that long without an anchor. He slapped her cheeks. “Vie. Wake up. Tell me what you saw. VIE!”

Her eyelids fluttered, but she remained a limp mess. Scanning the area, he spotted a likely entrance. He hoisted her body over his shoulder.

He pressed the communication unit in his ear. “Night?”

“Yes? Have you got her?”

“Yeah. She’s passed out though. I’ll take care of it and find out what she knows. When I’ve got answers, I’ll contact you.”

“Do that.”

“Bolt out.” He ripped the unit off and stuffed it into his gear belt.

Crossing the street, he descended stairs to the basement entrance. His fist nearly went through the flimsy door as he pounded on it.
It opened to a wizened old lady. She narrowed her eyes at him. They flicked once to his burden. “What do you want? I don’t run a medi-center.”

“You got a room?”

“One hundred fifty credits for one hour. Two hundred if you want a shower after. Five hundred if you want a playmate.”

Bolt glared at the woman. “Just the room.”

She held out her hand.

He nearly took her head off. He didn’t have time for this shit, but he needed Vie responding.

Digging into his gear belt he shoved what credits he had there into the woman’s hand. “That’s what I got. If it ain’t enough, I’ll square up with you later. The room. Now.”

The woman blinked, but handed over a key. “Thirteen. Top of the stairs, third door on your left.”

Bolt grunted and shifted Vie’s body. She was going to wake up pissed, but she was going to wake up.

As he passed rooms, he could hear the moans, groans, and in some cases screams, of the hos and johns behind the doors. One asshole stumbled out of the room as he was stuffing his limp dick back into his pants. He tripped over his feet into Bolt.

“Watch it, dickhead.” Bolt kept his hands on Vie so not to crush in the dumbfuck’s skull. The man smiled the goofiest grin at him and continued on down the hall, hitting the wall every few feet. Probably fucking high.

He slipped the key into the slot and waited for the passlight to turn green. By the time it finally did, he was half a heartbeat away from kicking it in. Opening the door, he slipped in and locked it behind him.

The room was dingy, but clean. For the most part. He laid Vie down onto the pallet and stripped her. He forced himself to look at her objectively, clinically.

Steady pulse. Good color. Creamy skin the color of pale caramel. No bruising. Visible anyway. Her dark hair was still in the complex knot that she wore when on a mission. Hair a shade and a half lighter covered her pussy. Her nipples were bronze and capped breasts that would comfortably fit into his hands and his mouth.

He gritted his teeth. He needed her awake, not pissed off. Too bad for him. Testing had found sexual stimulation to be the most effective way of freeing her from this psychic chrysalis. He was only doing what he had to do.

Pulling off his gloves he set them to the side. Lying down next to her, he brushed her hair away from her face. “Vie, can you hear me? You better wake up now if you don’t want me waking you up.”

No response.

He sighed. No going back now. He cupped her face and kissed her. Her lips were petal soft, but unresponsive. Moving on to her face, he kissed her closed eyelids as he traced his fingers down to her breasts.

Her skin was even softer there. He bit the inside of his cheek and rested his forehead against hers before continuing. Thumbing a nipple, he felt the tightening of her skin. His dick twitched in concert.

Nuzzling her neck, he inhaled her scent. Something sweet, flowery, and completely woman. He nipped her skin. Marking her. She may not remember this, but she was his. He’d waited long enough.