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July 2017 Update

First, thank you *so* much for the support you’ve given The Bridesmaid and the Hurricane! I knew this was a book I could be proud of, but seeing people’s reactions was more than I ever expected! Some places that …

June 2017 Update

I’m gearing up for the release of The Bridesmaid and the Hurricane next Tuesday! Librarian alter ego was at the American Library Association Annual Conference from late last week to early this week and found out that TBatH was being …

May 2017 update

This month has simultaneously felt like one of the shortest months ever because of the “HOW AM I GOING TO DO ALL THE THINGS?!?!” feeling, as well as one of the longest because of all the things I was doing! …

April 2017 Update

Busy, busy, busy! Not only am I busy working on THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE, but I’m also very busy with an office move at work. Because of the latter, I’d hoped to be done with developmental edits of TBatH …

February 2017 update!

Things have been quite busy for me since I posted here last. First things first, I will be self-publishing a trilogy of novels set in the CAPITAL KISSES world. The first story will belong to Radhika, the older sister of …

Facebook Group

If you’re on Facebook and would like to interact with other fans of mine and the romance genre in general, I’ve created group called Kelly Maher’s Bibliophile Coterie. The group is currently set to “Closed” but I reserve the …

#ListifyLife Summer 2016

This summer I’m participating in the #ListifyLife “meme”. My initial posting will always go out via my Instagram feed and cross-posted to Twitter. I’ll follow it up here as time allows and may do multiple posts if I need …

RT in Las Vegas

I mentioned in my last post that I would be attending the RT Convention in Las Vegas in disguise as alter ego. Well, alter ego can’t have all of the fun! I will be doing a grab bag giveaway throughout …

Guest blogs and Instagram

This past Thursday, I was over at The Bookpushers talking about newsletters and why I personally like them. If you comment via the Rafflecopter system on what *you* like to see in them by tomorrow evening (the 15th), you’ll be …

Sweet Heat: Collected Stories, Volume 1 Available Now!

I’m so ecstatic to announce that Sweet Heat: Collected Stories, Volume 1 is now available! It is currently available at:

  1. All Romance eBooks
  2. Amazon
  3. Barnes & Noble Nook
  4. Google Play
  5. iBooks
  6. Inktera/Page Foundry
  7. Kobo
  8. Scribd
  9. Tolino (Deutschland)