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Enlisted and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As part of the mental recovery from the move (and the loss of my broadcast network channels since I didn’t get cable and my antenna only picks up the CW), I bought a Roku streaming stick. I was playing around with it and discovered that I could get the FoxNow channel which let me access almost the entire season of some of their shows. First (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), thank you to Fox for making that freely available! I decided to focus on Enlisted and Brooklyn Nine-Nine since I had seen and episode or two of each and had meant to go back and watch more. Both had actors I was predisposed to like (Keith David/Parker Young & Terry Crews), and Enlisted had the added benefit of major eye candy. What I hadn’t expected was how deep both of these shows were attempting. Even more so with Enlisted as it has all the hallmarks of Fox slating it for cancellation even before it aired (Friday night slot, mid-season replacement, airing shows out of order). To get the full benefit of how each shows’ writers have developed their characters in a nuanced manner, you need to watch the shows in order. And it is worth it. Worth. It. Think of this as my plea for everyone to watch both of these shows, but especially Enlisted. It deserves more of a chance than Fox is currently giving it. Especially considering that it deals with the topic of a soldier returning home and not quite sure how he fits in with his family and wider society. The humorous angle of the show gives its dramatic moments all the more stirring poignancy. Go. Watch. Now.

It’s alive!!!

For the most part 🙂 I’m all moved into the new apartment and am mostly settled in. I’m still trying to get used to the new routine at the day job now that one coworker is retired as well as the new home routine. Frankly, the new couch has been working its magic and I’ve taken a few naps on it. I got the edits on Project Parietal back from my beta reader, so I’ll be spending the rest of the month digging into those. And preparing for RT in New Orleans! I’m so looking forward to signing there for the first time! Okay, back to those edits 😀

Vacation from the internet

This past weekend as I was feverishly working to clean my apartment so my landlord could begin showing it, I realized I was getting stressed out. The process of moving, while a very good thing as I’m heading to a bigger place, is by itself stressful. When compounded with the double-edged sword of a dayjob coworker retiring (Yay for coworker achieving goal! Eeps for realizing increased workload!) and attempting to finish the first draft of Project Femur and edits on Project Parietal, something has got to give. What is giving is regular posting. I will try to pop onto Twitter (@kmmaher) periodically if only to assure you I’m still alive, but my longer form posts here on the blog and on Facebook are going on hiatus until April. Rest assured that if any news does come down the pike, an exception will be made 😉

Character research – living spaces

Something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately is how I’d furnish an empty apartment. I’m hopefully moving to a new place next month, and right now, the only furniture I have is my bed and a few bookshelves. I know, I know. What else do I need? And that’s the question. What is it that a person values? Especially when it comes to filling, or not, a limited living space. I love my bed, but I’ve found I need a better sitting/lounging space. Having dealt with a number of colds this season, one especially long-lasting, I really want to get a couch that has built-in recliners. I also value my work, so I need a good desk and work chair. A huge part of my life is being able to show the people in my life that I care for them with food. I’ve made do with my current set up, but having adequate prep space is a huge thing for me.

I’m also trying to limit the amount of clutter in my life, so I’m going to do my best to pare down the number of objects I own. Shockingly, this also includes books. I want to be able to house the books that I comprise my truly core collection. This means considerable culling of what I currently own. This won’t happen until next year as it’s all in storage and I need time to weed it. Moving into a place that I can create and have it reflect my personality fills me with anticipation and excitement. Even better, it’s a feeling that I can recreate with every story I write 🙂

So, if you’re writing, or even reading, how do the characters’ living spaces show what they value?

Snow Day!

I’ve lost track of how many snow days we’ve had this winter. At least with this one, we really got hit with some good snow. I spent part of this morning digging a path to the street from my apartment door as well as digging out my car for the day trip I have planned on Saturday. This afternoon, I’m going to get my daily words written on Project Femur and then settle in for the rest of the time with an advanced reader’s copy that alter ego got and some hot chocolate. How do you spend your snow days if you get them?

Release of Best Erotic Romance 2014!

Yay!! My latest story is now in the wild! In Best Erotic Romance 2014, you’ll find a foreword by Lauren Dane (SQUEEE!!!), stories by Nikki Magennis, Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse, Kristina Wright, and me among others!

My story, “Closing the Deal” features Julia and Paul, two coworkers who have an unresolved encounter to work out. And they get to do it in the tropical setting of St. Thomas 😀

Cover for Best Erotic Romance 2014. Features a man and woman embracing. The man only has on white underwear and the woman is wearing a sheer black bra and panties.

If you’re looking for some sexy reading for Valentine’s Day, you won’t do better than this anthology! You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARE, Kobo or your favorite independent bookstore!

Conference season is heating up!

Today I ended up dealing with conference registrations both as me and as alter ego. As me, I registered for the WRW Retreat which will be held the first weekend in April. I’m really looking forward to it. As soon as I get my tax refund, I’ll be finalizing my registration and travel plans for the RWA National Conference in San Antonio in July.

As alter ego, I got to deal with various red tape procedures that come with work sending me to a conference. The process of dealing with said red tape makes planning a bit interesting, but I’ve learned to go with the flow the last few years. If things do fall into place, the next few months will be very busy ones for me. In March, I’ll have one work conference mid-month, will hopefully be moving into a new place the weekend after that, and family visiting the week after *that. In April, I’ve got the aforementioned WRW Retreat at the beginning of the month and a family wedding in Alabama at the end of the month. May is RT mid-month, and possibly a second work conference at the end of the month. June is clear at this point, but there’s the possibility of my college BFF coming to town for a visit one long weekend. July is my birthday, possibly some family visits, and RWA toward the end of the month. I’m looking forward to all of this activity, but I know I’m going to enjoy August when it rolls around if only for the opportunity to sit back and catch my breath 🙂 Do any of you have crazy conference seasons? How do you manage your schedule?

Winter weather dreaming

With the rollercoaster weather we’ve been experiencing in the DC area, all I can fantasize about these days is traveling to a tropical destination. It doesn’t quite help that I’ve been looking at my story in Best Erotic Romance to pick out various bits to excerpt. “Closing the Deal” is set in St. Thomas, and researching how it would appear in the story was pure pleasure. St. Thomas is definitely on my list of places to go to when I’ve got the travel funds. Where do you dream of going when it’s a dreary winter?

Giveaway to celebrate Best Erotic Romance 2014!

I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate Best Erotic Romance 2014! I can’t help it with the exclamation points 😀 First, I’m really proud of my story which was selected for inclusion, “Closing the Deal”. Also, Lauren Dane wrote the foreword to the anthology!! You could win one of five copies of Duty and Desire which was the last anthology edited by Kristina that one of my stories was included in. The giveaway is open internationally and closes to entries on February 11th, which is the official release date for BER 2014. Enter today!

Halfway there

Yesterday, I crossed the 50% threshold on Project Femur. I’m really pleased with my progress on it. Admittedly, since it’s more of a mystery than anything else, it’s helpful that I can frequently toss bodies into the mix 😀 I should be able to finish the first draft of it by the end of next month. After that, it’s going to sit for a bit while I dig into some of the finished projects from last year, namely Parietal and Occipital, for various rounds of edits. I know conference season will be on me before I know it, so it will be good to have a number of projects in various stages of completion ready in case anyone asks. In fact, I think I may dip my toe into PP this weekend since I have a rare plan-free weekend. What are your weekend plans?

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