Kelly Maher
Goals for 2014

I hope you all had fabulous New Year’s celebrations! I’m not really one for resolutions, but I do have a number of goals for this coming year. My first goal is to write the equivalent of three novels worth of new material. From the writer’s point of view, this equates to roughly 270,000 words. I started work today on the first novel. I don’t know what the other projects are going to be yet, but I’m sure it will be a mix of all story lengths. My other goal is to become more regulated in assigning time to writing and editing. Now that I know the pace I can comfortably produce at, I can work on smoothing out the rest of my production process. This will also help me better schedule my projects around times when I know I’ll be busy with conferences both for the day job and writing, and vacations with the family. That’s pretty much it for me goal wise. What goals have you set for yourself for this coming year?

Happy New Year!!

It’s a little early in my neck of the woods, but if my math’s correct, those of you in the Pacific and on the western edge of it are seeing fireworks! Tonight I’m making a ribeye and garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes for myself. I’ll stay up to watch the shows on TV, then I’ll hit the hay. Tomorrow I’ll drive out to the nearest body of water where I can dip my hand in as has become tradition for me. I’m also starting my new novel tomorrow, so it’s going to be a busy day. How are you celebrating?

Favorite presents?

I got some very nice presents from my family members this year. I think my favorites are the purple fuzzy Ugg slippers I got to go with the annual Jingle Jammies as we call them. Mom gets sleep pants for all of us. They started out as stocking stuffers, and now are the start of the present unwrapping. I love traditions like this. TDo you have a favorite present or family tradition?

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today I’ll head up to my sister’s where I’ll attend Mass with her, my brother and sister-in-law, and my niece. We do a very yummy dinner afterwards. Tomorrow I’ll go with my parents to my brother and sister-in-law’s place where we’ll be joined by my sister, my two other brothers and sisters-in-law, and my nephews. For us, this is a relatively quiet Christmas as, until this year, the regular gathering included everyone from my mom’s side of the family who could join in. With a big remodeling project happening at my parents’, this was not happening. Between various smaller visits, I’ll be able to see most of my family here in the hometown during my visit.

I know some of you may not celebrate Christmas, so happy Tuesday and Wednesday πŸ™‚ For those that do, I hope you have a wonderful celebration, however you celebrate!

Favorite presents

In an effort to give my fried brain a break (reflection post on the year’s writing coming up soon!), I’m keeping this post short πŸ™‚ What have been your favorite presents to give and receive over the years?

Christmas shopping

Apparently, the time to go shopping for toys for the niece and nephews and godson is at nearly 9pm on a Sunday night. I managed to knock off all but my godson from my “to buy” list–and that was because his dad didn’t get back to me about his wishlist until this morning. I’m saving him until I fly home this weekend. This is how I like to shop for Christmas: in and out sortie. Frankly, the only reason I was in the store for longer than an hour was due to ending up on the phone with my mom for nearly half an hour. We’re that kind of family πŸ™‚

With Christmas shopping completed for the time being, I’ve turned my attention to packing. At least with my clothes, all I have to do is empty my laundry basket into one of my suitcases. Yay for staying with the parents! I’m also sorting out my vacation reading. First up is the initial edit pass of Project Parietal. I’m also planning on catching up on a few series I’ve fallen behind on. Are you traveling for Christmas? What are you packing?

Chicken without head

For as much I’ve been talking about the holidays the last few weeks, it hadn’t really hit me until yesterday that Christmas is now less than two weeks away. I leave for my parents’ in one week. I still haven’t done any shopping except for my one nephew. Oops! It’s looking like I’ll either have my butt planted at the computer on Sunday doing my shopping and having it sent to my parents’ or I’ll have to brave the area malls. If the latter is the case, pray for me. On the writing front, some things are happening with alter ego that may impact my plans as Kelly in the next year. It’s both exciting and terrifying πŸ™‚ I’ve also finished another short story to publish as alter alter ego. It’s once again experimental in that I’m dipping my toe into the world of serials. I like how the story’s shaping up and I hope it finds its audience. That’s where I’m at these days. If you shop for Christmas, are you done yet?

Snow Day!

Threatening winter weather caused the day job to tell us to stay home. A bit sadly for me, the temps in the city meant that the snow didn’t stick around once it hit the ground. This Midwestern gal misses the big snows. I spent the day mainly lazing about, but also plotting out various upcoming projects. All in all, it was a wonderfully relaxing day for me. Even better is that the day’s still not over so I can still get a bit of writing in to flex those muscles. How do you like to spend your snow days?

Holiday Prep

I’m definitely going to attempt to stick with my regular posting schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays, but as you can see from this week, that schedule may get set aside a little bit. This weekend I’m going to take things a bit easy. A number of authors I admire and consider to be friends are going to be signing tomorrow, so I’m traveling to visit them. However, I won’t be up at the crack of dawn as I usually am. I probably won’t linger long as I need to get back home to bake up some dessert bars for the Washington Romance Writers’ holiday party. I’m really hoping the bad weather we’re expecting on Sunday either doesn’t materialize, or comes in later than expected.

In other holiday prep, I need to start working on gift lists for my niece, nephews, and godson. Thankfully, they’re all on the young-ish side, and are relatively easy to buy for. I’m not one for doing my holiday shopping early, which means December’s an interesting time for me πŸ™‚

Writing-wise, I’m doing a lot of prep for certain projects which I’ll be working on in January, as well as writing up stories to release as alter alter ego. It’s a busy month! How are you doing with the holiday prep?

Holiday recovery

I do love holidays and long weekends home with the family. Coming back, though? It can be rough. Luckily, I’m not in a food coma as, despite all the fabulous food, I don’t actually eat a whole lot on Thanksgiving. However, I am in a bit of a travel coma as I spent yesterday taking care of last-minute laundry and packing before leaving my parents’ and then flying back home. While I didn’t take a super late flight, I did have to drive a good 45 minutes to get back to where I live from the airport, and that’s not including the stop for the week’s grocery shopping since I like to eat lunch and dinner.

It’s hard to believe it’s now December. I’m spending part of tonight decompressing from the holiday fantabulousness by reading a book I’ve been waiting to get my hands on. Once I’m done with that, I’m going to plot out my writing plan for the month. I already know the basics, and it’s a combination of some work for alter alter ego and planning for the next novel which is not a Kelly type of project per se. I’m also going to work in editing on Project Parietal with the hope of having that done by New Year’s, if not Christmas. In short, December’s going to be a busy month for me, so I’m going to take advantage of being lazy when I can πŸ™‚ How was your Thanksgiving if you celebrated?